Liana Teodora Pascariu, ‘The Opportunity of a European Administrative Contract Law’

There was a tendency in the past few years, particularly in Europe, to harmonize and conceptualize in a common way the rules referring to the coming out, alteration, execution or termination of contracts, which could ultimately lead to the emergence of a new branch of European Union law, the contract law. This vision has gone from finding a number of three parameters , considered essential that determined the current evolution relating to contracts: socio-economic development of society and its legal framework; globalization, internationalization of judicial obligational relations; structural change of regulating the juridical obligational contractual bindings. The issue here is to determine whether these European interests have any implication on the matter of administrative contracts, on the possibility of a European administrative contract law and whether specialists have only addressed the field of civil contracts.

Pascariu, Liana Teodora, The Opportunity of a European Administrative Contract Law (June 30, 2016). European Journal of Law and Public Administration, 2016, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 105-113.

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