Frederick Wilmot-Smith, ‘Reasons? For Restitution?’ (review article)

Charlie Webb, Reason and Restitution, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016, 272 pp, hb £60.00. The law of unjust enrichment is a subject of intense doctrinal debate. While it has received increasing theoretical attention, deep disagreement remains about its conceptual and normative roots. Charlie Webb’s Reason and Restitution, the product of many years’ work, provides a feature-length theoretical discussion of mistaken payments, generally taken to be a central case of unjust enrichment. We should take it seriously. I found the book’s arguments engaging and thought-provoking, even when I disagreed with its conclusions; I would recommend it to anyone interested in private law theory or the law of unjust enrichment …”

Frederick Wilmot-Smith, Reasons? For Restitution? (review article), Modern Law Review, volume 79, issue 6 (November 2016).

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