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Understanding the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ in Context: University College Cork, 31 March 2017

On the 31st March 2017, the Law School at University College Cork will host a multidisciplinary workshop exploring the meaning of the ‘right to be forgotten’. Participants will discuss the origins of this ‘right’, the particular privacy challenges of the digital era, legal and regulatory responses to these challenges and the impact of the ‘right […]

Peter Benson, ‘The Demands of an Interpretive Theory of Contract – A Response to Robin Kar, Contract as Empowerment

Introduction: “Professor Robin Kar’s Contract as Empowerment represents a thoughtful and ambitious effort to introduce a unified general theory of contract law that, in his words, ‘offers a fundamental reinterpretation of the basic principles that animate contract law’ and that, on this basis, can harmonize the ‘central doctrinal challenges for modern contract theory’. As Kar […]

‘Data protection claims can be “linked to” claims in defamation, says Court of Appeal’

“People who claim that they have been defamed by publishers are not barred from also claiming in the same legal proceedings that the publisher has breached data protection laws by processing data about them which is inaccurate, the Court of Appeal in London has ruled. Media law expert Alex Keenlyside of Pinsent Masons, the law […]

Jose Bellido, ‘The constitution of intellectual property as an academic subject’

Abstract: This essay offers a reinterpretation of the constitution of intellectual property as an academic subject by focusing on the work of Thomas Anthony Blanco White (1916–2006). His textbooks were fundamental for the development of ‘intellectual property’ in Britain and the Commonwealth. Not only did they provide the basis for a discipline in the making, […]

‘Whittling Away at Trademark Law’s Notions of Harm’

Michael Handler, What Can Harm the Reputation of a Trademark? A Critical Re-Evaluation of Dilution by Tarnishment, 106 Trademark Reporter 639 (2016); available on SSRN. In recent decades, numerous scholars have challenged trademark law’s various conceptions of harm. Unlike copyright and patent law, trademark law positions itself as a harm-avoidance regime, rather than a mechanism […]

Journal of Tort Law Invites Submissions’

The Journal of Tort Law is the only peer-reviewed journal devoted to tort law in the United States. It offers several advantages to those submitting scholarship. First, your work will be reviewed by peers. This is particularly important for more technical pieces. Second, there is no submission cycle. Articles can be submitted at any time. […]

SI Strong, ‘Realizing Rationality: An Empirical Assessment of International Commercial Mediation’

“For decades, parties, practitioners and policymakers have believed arbitration to be the best if not only realistic means of resolving cross-border business disputes. However, the hegemony of international commercial and investment arbitration is currently being challenged in light of rising concerns about increasing formalism in arbitration. As a result, the international community has sought to […]

Elizabeth Papp Kamali, ‘Law and Equity in a Medieval English Manor Court’

Abstract: Through a close textual reading and contextual analysis of a short series of early fourteenth-century manorial court roll entries, this paper draws larger conclusions about the interplay between law and equity in a medieval English manor court. It follows a narrative thread focused on a single tenement, which was forfeited by a villein in […]

Call For Papers: Legal Construction of Animals: University of Leeds: 31 May 2017

The Centre for Law & Social Justice at the University of Leeds School of Law and the Vulnerability and Human Condition Initiative at the Emory University School of Law are launching a new series of interdisciplinary workshops aimed at exploring topics related to the Subjects and Objects of Law. The first meeting, May 31, 2017, […]

European Law Journal: Special Section on European Regulatory Private Law

European Law Journal vol 22 issue 5, September 2016 € Public Policy through Private Law: Introduction to a debate on European Regulatory Private Law – Guido Comparato The Transformation of Private Law Through Competition – Hans-W Micklitz Between Regulatory and Autonomy-Based Private Law – Hanoch Dagan The EU’s Private Law in the Regulated Sectors: Competitive […]