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‘Frenzy of the Streets: The Radical Aspirations of Justifying Contract in Europe’

“On 30 September 2021, the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law hosted and organised a book symposium around Martijn Hesselink’s recent book Justifying Contract in Europe: Political Philosophies of European Contract Law (Oxford University Press: 2021) in Amsterdam. The book is the result of more than a decade of research, teaching and political and academic […]

Marco Loos, ‘The (proposed) transposition of the Digital Content Directive in The Netherlands’

ABSTRACT The Dutch bill for the transposition of the Digital Content Directive, recently submitted to the Dutch parliament, will create a new Title in the Civil Code dealing with digital content and digital services contracts. In line with Dutch legislative tradition, the bill is closely aligned with Dutch (consumer) sales law, which is amended accordingly […]

Antonio Davola, ‘Fostering Consumer Protection in the Granular Market. The Role of Rules on Consent, Misrepresentation and Fraud in Regulating Personalized Practices’

ABSTRACT Online commerce experienced a technological revolution, shifting towards automated, data-driven technologies for the allocation and display of offers and advertisings. The introduction of tracking and targeting technologies that leverage consumer data to personalize marketing catalysed the impressive growth of the online markets. Tailored and targeted commercial techniques constitute a heterogeneous phenomenon, incorporating ex multis […]

Jacobien W Rutgers, ‘Transformative Law in a Digital World from a Contract Law Perspective’

“On Valentine’s day, the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Law (Act) was launched at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. According to its Mission Statement, it focuses on ‘the role of private law in the making of society, as well as the processes of private law-making in a pluriform world’ …” (more) [This blogpost is part of the […]

Chantal Mak, ‘Reflections on Transformative Private Law’

What is the meaning of ‘transformative private law’? Or what does membership of a research group that has chosen this name entail? Here are some reflections of a member of the newly launched Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law (ACT), formerly known as the Centre for the Study of European Contract Law (CSECL). Following up […]

Martijn Hesselink, ‘The idea of transformative private law: some critical observations’

“The recent transformation of the centre has been truly impressive. It was an excellent idea to widen horizons and pursue new themes. Moreover, the new mission statement is strong, ambitious and full of exciting ideas. Most visible is of course the name change. A striking innovation is the choice for an acronym that is pronounceable […]

Marija Bartl, ‘The Idea of Transformative Private Law’

“During the recent Launch event of the Amsterdam Center for Transformative Private Law, we discussed the concept of Transformative Private Law. In what follows, I present the concept both as an analytical/critical project as well as a forward looking agenda …” (more) [This blogpost is part of the online symposium ‘Transformative Private Law’. For the […]

Online Symposium: ‘Transformative Private Law’

The Private Law Theory blog is acting as host for an online symposium on Transformative Private Law. The concept of ‘transformative private law’ aims to underline both the constitutive role of private law in the making of contemporary economy as well as the potential to contribute to socio-ecological transition that we (as political communities, in […]