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‘Scheduling the Juris Diversitas General Conference’

“The General Meeting of Juris Diversitas, originally scheduled for June 2020 in Catania (Sicily, Italy) will be organized online, on Zoom, June 9-11, 2021. The theme is The Dark Side of the Law (La face cachee du droit). It will feature over 70 presentations, 7 panels, and 3 keynotes, with over 100 presenters …” (more) […]

‘Call For Papers: ALPS Virtual Conference’

“The Association for Law, Property & Society (ALPS) is an organization for those engaged in scholarship on all aspects of property law and society. Its annual meeting brings together scholars from different disciplines and from around the world to discuss their work and to foster dialogue among those working in property law, policy, planning, social […]

Call for Papers: ‘Regulation of abusive informal debt collection practices – could the Scandinavian model serve as a model for EU regulation?’: University of Copenhagen, 3 September 2021

The conference will gather a strong core of highly accomplished scholars and practitioners whose experience in financial services and consumer law enables them to address one of the more important challenges of our time: providing an adequate level of consumer protection against abusive IDCPs, without hindering the right of creditors to recover their debts. The […]

‘Social and Scientific Uncertainties in Environmental Law’: 8-10 September 2021

Environmental law aims to provide regulatory mechanisms to protect the environment, and this requires sufficient knowledge of the environmental effects of human activities, the functioning, services and carrying capacities of ecosystems, and the technical and societal options available to mitigate adverse effects and develop energy, food, urban and mobility systems towards environmental sustainability … (more, […]

‘Known Unknowns: Legal Responses to Intractable Uncertainties’, 23 April 2021, University of Bristol

This one-day online symposium will investigate, from a comparative historical perspective, the ways in which the law frames and responds to problems of intractable factual uncertainty. Where our ordinary evidential rules simply cannot produce a satisfactory answer to a factual question, the substantive law must choose how to proceed. This might, for example, involve the […]

Hoevenaars and Kas, ‘Conference Report: “Frontiers in Civil Justice”, 16 and 17 November 2020, Erasmus University Rotterdam’

“Civil justice remains in constant flux. The design of a sustainable civil justice system for the 21st century is continuously discussed both at national and international level. Particularly at international level, several soft law instruments have been adopted in recent years such as the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the European Law Institute (ELI) […]

Virtual Book launch: Rob Herian, Capitalism and the Equity Fetish: Desire, Property and Justice – Wednesday 21 April, 1pm-2pm

The Equity & Trusts Research Network is hosting a virtual book launch for Dr Rob Herian’s new book, Capitalism and the Equity Fetish (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021). As the blurb on the back states, ‘the book aims to address several questions, including how capitalism has imagined and shaped equity and civil justice since the nineteenth century; […]

‘Platform Liability under Article 17 of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive, Automated Filtering and Fundamental Rights: An Impossible Match’: Christophe Geiger and Bernd Justin Jütte, Washington College of Law, 1 April 2021, 11:00am EST

Under the safe harbour rules of the EU Directive on electronic commerce (E-Commerce Directive), intermediaries in the EU were shielded from liability for acts of their users committed through their services, provided they had no knowledge of it. Twenty years later, the regime for online intermediaries in the EU fundamentally shifted with the adoption of […]

6th Annual Conference on The Future of the Commercial Contract, The London Centre for Commercial and Financial Law, 15 October 2021

“This international academic conference continues the successful series of annual conferences on different aspects of commercial contract law. The conference is organised in co-operation with the University of Exeter and the University of Westminster. Panelists come from all over the world bringing comparative viewpoints to the table. The full panel of speakers will be announced […]

‘Conference: Iustoria – International Student Conference on Legal History (25-27 March 2021, Online)’

“The Iustoria conference 2021 (Theme: Law and Religion), organized by the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Law will proceed online this year. The conference is open to all interested listeners …” (more) [ESCLH, 22 March]