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‘Seminar: The Edinburgh Centre for Private Law presents: Global legal comparisons: what can we compare, how, and to what purpose? – Professor Fernanda Pirie – Friday 29 October 2021, 16:00-17:30 (on Zoom)’

“Looking widely at different laws quickly raises questions about what we can compare. Legal systems have taken very different forms and have been created for very different purposes over the course of human history, so what and why should we try to compare? What, after all, counts as law? Rather than focusing on content and […]

‘Celebrating Henry Hansmann’s Book: The Ownership of Enterprise

“On Friday 29 October 2021, a hybrid conference organised by Columbia University and the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) will celebrate Professor Henry Hansmann’s seminal book ‘The Ownership of Enterprise’ published twenty-five years ago. More than twenty professors of law, business, and economics will explore Professor Hansmann’s masterwork through panel discussions and presentations of original […]

Negotiation-Based Choice of Law Rule For Contract Formation Event: Webinar, 10 November 2021

“What law should govern the formation of international contracts? Common law courts have long been fixated on two choices – the putative proper law or the law of the forum – despite those choices being consistently criticised for perpetuating logical circularity and forum shopping respectively. This lecture dissects and critiques Mance LJ’s judgment in Solomon […]

‘Book of Tort Liability, Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China’: Online Seminar, 27 November 2021

The World Tort Law Society is to hold a special webinar via zoom on 27 November 2021 from 12pm-3pm GMT (8pm-11pm Beijing Time). The webinar will start by Professors Zhu Wang and Hongjie Man introducing what changes the Code has made in the Book on Tort Liabilities compared to its predecessor, namely Tort Liability Law (2009), […]

Emily Ireland and Cerian Griffiths, ‘Investigations in Fraud and Finance’, online, 28 October 2021

Emily Ireland (University of Liverpool): ‘Married Women, Equity, and the South Sea Crash: An examination of femes coverts’ management of stocks and shares, 1720-40’. Despite the infamy of the 1720 South Sea Bubble, relatively little is known about its impact on female investors. In particular, married women who held and managed South Sea Company stocks […]

‘Duty of Care: Improving the Possible’: Roderick Bagshaw, Current Legal Problems Lecture Series, Zoom, 21 October 2021 6pm

The general focus of this lecture is the approach that courts use to identify whether a defendant owed a duty of care to a claimant and can therefore be held liable in the tort of negligence (provided that the other requirements for that tort – a breach of the duty having caused an actionable form […]

Mrs Justice Cockerill, ‘Contractual Estoppel: The Case for Coherent Principles’: Aston Law School, 4 November 2021, 18:15

Aston Law School, Aston University, invites you to the next Professor Jill Poole Memorial Lecture: ‘Contractual Estoppel: The Case for Coherent Principles’ by Mrs Justice Cockerill (Judge in Charge of the Commercial Court). The lecture will take place at Aston University’s Main Building. Guests are invited to arrive from 17:30 when drinks will be served […]

The Making of EU Copyright: online, 18 October 2021

2021 is a momentous year for EU copyright law: it is the 30th anniversary since the adoption of the first ever copyright directive (the Software Directive 1991/250) and the 20th since the passing of the seminal InfoSoc Directive 2001/29. By 7 June this year, individual Member States should have also completed their own national processes […]

Online presentation: Solène Rowan, ‘Abuse of rights in English contract law’, 25 November 2021

The paper argues that the fetters on the exercise of unilateral contractual discretionary powers and the limits on damages clauses in English law are imposed to prevent the abuse of contractual rights or freedoms and this is suggestive that a broader principle against the abuse of rights might be at work in English contract law. […]

Online Presentation: Caterina Sganga, ‘The past, present and future of EU copyright flexibilities’, 28 October 2021

Copyright flexibilities (a term that encompasses not only exceptions, but all copyright rules such as non-voluntary or extended collective licenses, the principle of exhaustion, free and paying public domain, and the like) are tools through which legislators have traditionally struck the balance between the author’s monopoly – which is necessary to incentivize creativity – and […]