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‘The First Postgraduate Law Conference of the Centre for Private International Law – University of Aberdeen’

“The Centre for Private International Law (CPIL) of the University of Aberdeen is pleased to host its first postgraduate conference, which is to be held on 17 November 2021. The Postgraduate Law Conference aims at bringing together early career scholars working in the private international law field or at the intersection of European Union law […]

Call for Papers: Obligations X (Banff, Alberta, 12-15 July 2022): ‘Private Law and the State’

The theme for Obligations X is Private Law and the State. This theme will allow participants to explore numerous questions concerning the relationship between private law obligations and the state as a public institution. Examples of such questions include, but are not limited to, the following: … (more)

‘Commercial Law in Times of Crises: Intellectual Property and Technology Law’

“Special thanks to the Centre for Commercial Law at the University of Aberdeen for organising this conference which presented the platform to discuss contemporary legal issues with a focus on commercial law. The theme of the conference ‘Commercial Law in Times of Crises’ reflects the current state of the world as the Covid 19 pandemic […]

‘Commercial Law in Times of Crises’

“As the global economy and domestic economies seek to recover from the crises of Covid-19, different fields of human endeavour and knowledge are challenged to develop innovative solutions. Commercial law is a key factor in this regard, and it is important to examine how commercial law is responding to the broad range of issues that […]

‘Comparative Torts: Discussion around Markesinis’s German Law of Torts by BS Markesinis, J Bell and A Janssen – Report’

“On 29th and 30th March 2021, the British Association of Comparative Law organised two webinars entitled respectively Comparative Torts: Liability for Emerging Technologies and Comparative Torts: Liability for Ecological Harm. The 2019 fifth edition of Markesinis’ magisterial German Law of Torts (1986), by John Bell and André Janssen, is an ideal and indispensable source of […]

‘Mrs Chester’s lost child: inconsolable psychological injury and Justice Evatt’s finest judgment’

This seminar/webinar recovers a brilliant dissenting judgment about psychological injury and assesses how modern law responds to similar claims. Justice Evatt’s 1939 dissent in Chester paved the way for later, more enlightened approaches to the duty of care. Author Gideon Haigh will speak about Evatt’s career and empathy for Mrs Chester’s suffering. Associate Professor Kylie […]

‘Event reminder – next week’s rapid response panel discussion on CJEU’s YouTube/Cyando ruling’

“As reported by The IPKat, earlier this week the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued its keenly and long-awaited ruling in YouTube, C-682/18 and Cyando, C-683/18. As announced several weeks ago, on Thursday, 1 July, The IPKat will be joining forces with the Institute for Intellectual Property and Market Law (IFIM) at […]

‘Modern Studies in the Law of Trusts and Wealth Management: Philanthropy in the Age of Covid-19: Asian and Global Perspectives’: Singapore Management University, 22-23 July 2021

The theme of the conference is ‘Philanthropy in the Age of Covid-19: Asian and Global Perspectives’. The conference will focus on current developments and challenges facing the philanthropic sphere in the contemporary political and socio-economic climate, with particular emphasis on the unprecedented challenges brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the urgent need for […]

‘Conference: The implementation of the CDSM Directive – snapshots into the future of EU copyright law’

“To mark the deadline for the national implementation of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (CDSMD) and present the mid-term results of its cross-disciplinary and transnational research, the Horizon 2020 project reCreating Europe is organising the web conference ‘The implementation of the CDSM Directive: snapshots into the future of EU copyright law’, […]

‘Investing in English-speaking Africa: A private international law toolkit’

Trade between international commercial actors in Africa and international commercial actors in major trading blocs outside the continent (such as the European Union, United States and China) has significantly increased in recent times. The African Economic Outlook 2017 notes, inter alia, that Africa’s population is approximately one billion people and Africa’s growing population is expected […]