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‘Call for Papers: XV Conference ASADIP and General Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law’

“ASADIP and IACL invite proposals for presentations for a panel on ‘Private International Law and Sustainable Development: Latin American Perspectives’. The panel will be part of the XV Conference of ASADIP ‘A Private International Law to Transform the World’ on 27 October 2022 in Asunción, Paraguay during the General Congress of the International Academy of […]

Lukose and Mathur, ‘Sustainable Development through the Prism of Indigenous Knowledge: A Revisit to Intellectual Property Rights Issues during COVID Pandemic’

ABSTRACT Traditional notions of sustainable development have strong inter-generational considerations striving for sustainable utilization of resources. The sustainable development and intellectual property rights though traditionally have different areas of operation but the nexus between the two in contemporary world is extremely interesting to study. The existence of rich biodiversity on this earth is the greatest […]

Priya Gupta, ‘Globalizing Property’

ABSTRACT Property is more than domestic. It is international, transnational, and global. Its reach, its consequences, and its ideas can rarely be theorized effectively or contained entirely within national borders. It is produced through encounters between actors from multiple jurisdictions, and by law from multiple sources. It is not stable or static. It is contested […]

Bukola Faturoti, ‘IP and technology in Africa: looking back to look forward’

“The African continent has experienced virtually uninterrupted growth since the mid-1990s. Besides the abundance of natural resources, IP and technology have played a significant role in Africa’s ongoing economic growth and development. This first issue of Special Edition of International Review of Law, Computers and Technology Journal on Africa explores the intersection of IP and […]

Hans Morten Haugen, ‘Why are Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) Hardly Visible in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?’

ABSTRACT The chapter finds that intellectual property has not been central in the formulation of United Nations (UN) 17 sustainable development goals (SDG). Only one reference to IPR is made in the 2015 Transforming Our World resolution, introducing the 17 SDGs (UN 2015, objective 3b), namely on the flexibilities to protect public health as allowed […]

Chuma-Okoro and Oluwasemilore, ‘Intellectual property rights, agricultural biotechnology and food sufficiency: strengthening the Nigerian intellectual property legal framework for food self-sufficiency in the aftermath of a global pandemic’

ABSTRACT This article focuses on the imperatives of self-sufficiency in food production in Nigeria from the experience of the COVID 19 pandemic, and examines the role of intellectual property rights (IPRS) in boosting productive capacity. While the different types of IPR protection standards remain relevant to the overall goal of food self-sufficiency in respect of […]

Precious Oluwatobi Emmanuel, ‘Intellectual Property Rights As A Pathway To Sustainable Development’

ABSTRACT Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) passively touch many aspects of our world. Its role has only widened over the years due to the development of technology and due to its interactions with other laws and international agreements. Sustainable development is an aspect where the effects of IPRs are felt. Sustainable development has been a staple […]

Wamuyu, Odote and Anyango, ‘Compensating Toxic Torts in Kenya: Overcoming the Causation Dilemma’

ABSTRACT Environmental degradation is at unprecedented level in the world. One of the common causes of environmental degradation is pollution which as a consequence leaves contaminants in the environment. The contaminants in the environment cause many diseases to human beings therefore compromising the ability of the environment to support a healthy life. Appropriate legal mechanisms […]

Grajzl and Murrell, ‘Of Families and Inheritance: Law and Development in Pre-Industrial England’

ABSTRACT We examine how pre-industrial English caselaw development on land, inheritance, and families affected, and was affected by, economic and demographic outcomes. Our yearly measures of caselaw development are derived from existing topic-model estimates that reflect a comprehensive corpus of reports on pre-1765 court cases. We estimate a structural VAR model using these caselaw time-series […]

Jie Wu, ‘Intellectual property institutions and innovation of emerging multinational companies’

ABSTRACT Using a panel data of Chinese firms’ internationalization activities, we assess whether intellectual property (IP) institutions in a host country benefits or impedes innovation of emerging multinational companies (EMNCs). We show that IP institutions in a host country enable an EMNC to obtain critical technologies for innovation, and moderate IP institutions are optimal levels […]