Recently published: The Future of Commercial Law Ways Forward for Change and Reform (Akseli and Linarelli eds)

The reform of commercial law through harmonisation, unification, codification and other means remains one of the most important projects in developing the institutional architecture for the global economy. This edited collection engages with the challenges and contributes to a greater understanding of the problems faced by states, international organisations, and private sector actors in this ongoing reform project for commercial law. The volume takes stock of the project to date and looks towards a restructuring of the agenda to deal with new challenges. The primary aim of the collection is to understand the future of commercial law reform in a way that offers ideas and strategies for innovation as well as in methodologies for project selection and evaluation. In so doing, the collection informs the debate on the global reform of commercial law and will be of interest not only to academics, but also to those involved in the reform of commercial law around the world. The volume collects papers presented at the UK Society of Legal Scholars Annual Seminar 2017.

Orkun Akseli and John Linarelli (eds), The Future of Commercial Law Ways Forward for Change and Reform 464pp, ISBN: 9781509914692, Hart Publishing. Published 16-04-2020. Discount Price: £80. Order online at – use the code HE6 at the checkout to get 20% off your order.

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