Mariusz Załucki, ‘The Future of Succession Law in the EU: A Proposal’

As is well known, succession law is the domain of national law in Europe. This must mean that the law of succession varies from one European State to another. The differences in terms of statutory successions, testamentary successions, protection of persons close to the deceased, and liability for the inheritance debts give rise in practice to numerous doubts. These doubts are hindering the functioning of the common market, the free movement of people and capital. It is therefore necessary to amend the law on succession in Europe. Is there, then, a ‘golden mean’ for Europe in this regard?

Załucki, Mariusz, The Future of Succession Law in the EU, A Proposal (April 29, 2020). Future Law, eds C. Santos Botelho, F da Silva Veiga, 2020.

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