Giancarlo Frosio, ‘Intellectual Property and Extra-Contractual Liability’

This Chapter discusses intellectual property and extra-contractual liability by highlighting general comparative analysis issues within civil and common law systems, with some consideration given also to major theoretical clusters that might influence the different legal regimes. The Chapter focuses on emerging issues of extra-contractual liability for intellectual property infringement in the platform economy, with special emphasis on copyright and trademark infringement, seeking to coordinate miscellaneous approaches from the United States, the European Union and selected European countries’ experiences. In doing so, this Chapter highlights research and methodological issues related to limited harmonization at a regional level in secondary and extra-contractual liability doctrines when applied to IP. Finally, this Chapter describes the World Intermediary Liability Maps (WILMap) as an attempt to provide consistency within a fragmented research framework while also presenting other miscellaneous endeavours seeking the same goal.

Frosio, Giancarlo, Intellectual Property and Extra-Contractual Liability (March 10, 2020) in Handbook of Intellectual Property Research: Methods, Lenses, and Perspectives (Irene Calboli and Lillà Montagnani, eds, OUP, forthcoming 2020).

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