Thomas Verheyen, ‘Modern Theories of Product Warnings and European Product Liability Law’

Scholars inside and outside Europe have recently argued that product liability law should recognise the sheer complexity of designing an adequate warning. In the US, for instance, it has been suggested that a plaintiff bringing a claim based on a defective warning should be required to prove which reasonable alternative warning would have prevented her from suffering harm. While much can be said in favour of a more refined approach to product warnings, these proposals are incompatible with many key characteristics of positive European product liability law as construed by the Court of Justice of the European Union. These scholars’ recommendations invite us to reconsider some of the features of European product liability law and decide upon a direction for the future.

Verheyen, Thomas, Modern Theories of Product Warnings and European Product Liability Law (December 13, 2019). Utrecht Law Review, volume 15, no 3, 44-56, 2019.

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