Ex officio unfairness assessment limited to contractual clauses connected to the dispute – Opinion of AG Tanchev in Case C‑511/17 Unicredit Bank Hungary

“On the 19th of December 2019, AG Tanchev delivered an Opinion on Case C-511/17, which deals with the scope of the obligation to assess the unfairness of contractual terms ex officio, under Directive 93/13/EEC (Unfair Terms Directive). As AG Tanchev starts by noting, this case is related to other cases on the Hungarian framework on consumer credit agreements denominated in a foreign currency (for example, Sziber C‑483/16, OTP Bank and OTP Faktoring C‑51/17 and Dunai C‑118/17) …” (more)

[Madalena Narciso, Recent developments in European Consumer Law, 21 January]

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