‘Freedom, Choice and Contracts’: Theoretical Inquiries in Law volume 20, no 2 (2019)

Introduction (Alon Jasper, Alon Abramovich and Sama Haddad)

Contract as Promise: Lessons Learned (Charles Fried)

Contract Law and the Liberalism of Fear (Nathan B Oman)

Contract Law in a Just Society (Yitzhak Benbaji)

Voluntary Obligation and Contract (Aditi Bagchi)

Parol Evidence Rules and the Mechanics of Choice (Gregory Klass)

On the Optimal Number of Contract Types (Oren Bar-Gill and Clayton P Gillette)

Money Talks: Institutional Investors and Voice in Contract (Roy Kreitner)

Unity and Multiplicity in Contract Law: From General Principles to Transaction-Types (Peter Benson)

Plural Values in Contract Law: Theory and Implementation (Daniel Markovits and Alan Schwartz)

Freedom, Choice, and Contracts (Hanoch Dagan and Michael Heller)

Theoretical Inquiries in Law, volume 20, no 2 (2019)

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