Special Issue of Statute Law Review on Adjudication

Special Issue on Adjudication: What Gives Meaning to Statutory Rules and Constitutional Provisions? (Christopher Walshaw)

Recent Developments in Statutory and Constitutional Interpretation (Christopher Walshaw)

Ordinary Meaning and Empiricism (Brian G Slocum)

Law as Narrative: Narrative Interpretation and Appropriation as an Element of Theft (Steven Cammiss)

The Principle of Legality and Legislative Intention (Robert French)

Legislative Intention, Interpretation, and the Principle of Legality (Philip Sales)

Giving Moral Meaning to the Law (Heidi M Hurd)

Not-So-Easy Cases (Jonathan Crowe)

Virtuous Adjudication; or the Relevance of Judicial Character to Legal Interpretation (Amalia Amaya)

Statute Law Review, Volume 40, Issue 1, February 2019

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