‘New From NYU Press: Kathryn D Temple, Loving Justice: Legal Emotions in William Blackstone’s England (NYU Press, 2019)’

“… Loving Justice contends that Blackstone’s work extends beyond making sense of English law to invoke emotions such as desire, disgust, sadness, embarrassment, terror, tenderness, and happiness. By enlisting an affective aesthetics to represent English law as just, Blackstone created an evocative poetics of justice whose influence persists across the Western world. In doing so, he encouraged readers to feel as much as reason their way to justice. Ultimately, Temple argues that the Commentaries offers a complex map of our affective relationship to juridical culture, one that illuminates both individual and communal understandings of our search for justice …” (more)

[Hedgehogs and Foxes, 7 June]

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