Faisal Chaudhry, ‘Property as Rent’

As fear of financial market turbulence reaches its most severe level since the lead up to the Great Recession in 2007, this article revisits the topic of real estate securitization while broaching a broader concern with the inadequacy of how property theory has reckoned with major changes in the post-war economy since the 1970s. To do so the article highlights a new form of securitization – of rental payments from single-family homes – that has been emerging in the United States since 2013. It discusses the new class of securities that such single family rental (SFR) payments support as one example of the economy’s ever shifting overreliance on debt-based forms of financial asset property more generally. The article situates real estate securitization in specific and financial asset property in general in relation to our reinvigorated debate in law about property as an in rem right to exclude versus a versus a bundle of social relations making democratic community possible. Arguing that neither side in the debate has been well equipped to account for financial asset property, the article makes a normative case against the renewed resort to securitization in the real estate market …

Chaudhry, Faisal, Property as Rent (April 18, 2019). St John’s Law Review, forthcoming.

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