‘Properly Restating the Law of Consumer Contracting’

Gregory Klass, Empiricism and Privacy Policies in the Restatement of Consumer Contract Law, 36 Yale Journal on Regulation 45 (2019); Adam Levitin et al, The Faulty Foundation of the Draft Restatement of Consumer Contracts, 36 Yale Journal on Regulation 447 (2019). In May 2019 the ALI is scheduled to vote on the 5th Draft Restatement of the Law of Consumer Contracts (‘5th Draft Restatement’), a project that seeks to help courts balance the integrity of contract doctrine and commercial reality. Two recent empirical studies in the Yale Journal on Regulation have convinced me that the ALI Council should click ‘pause’ on its adoption because the 5th Draft seems more like a normative statement of what the law should be than a restatement of the common law of contracts in this area … (more)

[Martha Ertman, JOTWELL, 10 May]

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