Blockchain and Contract: special number of the European Review of Private Law

Editorial: Preface (Michel Cannarsa),
The Legal Meaning of Smart Contracts (Riccardo De Caria),
The Formation of Blockchain-based Smart Contracts in the Light of Contract Law (Mateja Durovic and André Janssen),
Interpretation of Contracts and Smart Contracts: Smart Interpretation or Interpretation of Smart Contracts? (Michel Cannarsa),
Force Majeure and Excuses in Smart Contracts (Eric Tjong Tjin Tai),
Quandary of Smart Contracts and Remedies: The Role of Contract Law and Self-Help Remedies (Larry A Dimatteo and Cristina Poncibó),
Blockchain and Data Protection … and Why They Are Not on a Collision Course (Lokke Moerel),
Electronic Platforms: Openness, Transparency and Privacy Issues (Eliza Mik),
Contract Law and Smart Contracts: Property and Security Rights Issues (Louis-Daniel Muka Tshibende),
Smart Contracts as the (new) Power of the Powerless? The Stakes for Consumers (Oscar Borgogno),
Digital Platforms: Regulation and Liability in the EU Law (Piotr Tereszkiewicz),
Will Innovative Technology Result in Innovative Legal Frameworks? – Smart Contracts in China (Jia Wang and Chen Lei),
Smart Contracts: A Synoposis (Linda Tissaoui, Joyling Liu and Dan M Marcotte),
Recht – Finanzen – Digitalisierung: Philipps-Universität Marburg, 6 July 2018 (Christopher Rennig)

European Review of Private Law Volume 26 (2018) Issue 6

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