Trevor Hartley, ‘Jurisdiction in Tort Claims for Non-Physical Harm under Brussels 2012, Article 7(2)’

Article 7(2) of the Brussels Regulation, 2012 confers jurisdiction, in matters relating to tort, on the courts of the Member State in which the harmful event occurred. In Bier v Mines de Potasse d’Alsace, the CJEU held that this covers both the place where the event which caused the damage takes place and the place where the damage itself takes place. In later cases, however, it held that does not cover the place where the victim claims to have suffered financial damage following upon initial damage arising and suffered by the victim in another Member State. A problem arises if there is no physical harm but only financial loss or some other kind of non-physical harm. It is not always clear in such a situation where the damage occurs. This article considers this problem with special reference to pure financial loss but also two other torts in which no physical harm occurs: defamation and intellectual-property infringement.

Trevor C Hartley, Jurisdiction In Tort Claims For Non-Physical Harm Under Brussels 2012, Article 7(2), International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Published online: 12 September 2018.

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