Just published: The Oxford Handbook of Legal History (Dubber and Tomlins eds)

Drawing on scholarship from around the world, and representing a variety of methodological approaches, areas of expertise, and research agendas, this timely compendium takes stock of legal history and methodology and reflects on the various modes of the historical analysis of law, past, present, and future. Part I explores the relationship between legal history and other disciplinary perspectives including economic, philosophical, comparative, literary, and rhetorical analysis of law. Part II considers various approaches to legal history, including legal history as doctrinal, intellectual, or social history. Part III focuses on the interrelation between legal history and jurisprudence by investigating the role and conception of historical inquiry in various models, schools, and movements of legal thought. Part IV traces the place and pursuit of historical analysis in various legal systems and traditions across time, cultures, and space. Finally, Part V narrows the Handbooks focus to explore several examples of legal history in action, including its use in various legal doctrinal contexts.

The Oxford Handbook of Legal History (Oxford Handbooks) edited by Markus D Dubber and Christopher Tomlins. Hardcover: 1200 pages, £117.50. OUP Oxford. ISBN-10: 0198794355, ISBN-13: 978-0198794356.

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