Chapin Cimino, ‘Doing Deals with Aristotle – Today’

This analysis proceeds in six steps. In Part I, this Article sets the stage by describing the problem: while contracting behavior is increasingly complex, contract law and theory remain stubbornly uni-faceted. That is, while contracting and contractors are ever more modern, contract law and theory are ever more traditional. The greater the divide, the less useful contract theory is to contract law, and the less useful contract law is to contractors. This trend does not bode well for the future of contract law or theory. The question is how much of a crisis contract law will have to endure before the law evolves to keep up. Then in Parts II and III, I move to research not widely discussed in contract law literature showing that contractors can, and often do, pursue more than economic gain in a transaction …

Chapin F Cimino, Doing Deals with Aristotle – Today, 41 Seattle University Law Review 209 (2017).

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