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‘Crossing Boundaries? Public Duties and Private Law’: Workshop, Leicester Law School, 21 October 2016

The aim of the workshop is to bring together private lawyers and human/constitutional rights lawyers from the UK and South Africa to reflect on the different ways in which these two jurisdictions have dealt with the relationship between tort law and human/constitutional rights law. The morning session will be focused on duties, reflecting especially on […]

Karriann Laubach, ‘Epigenetics and Toxic Torts: How Epidemiological Evidence Informs Causation’

Introduction: “… Part II of this Note provides a scientific background and summarizes the current state of epigenetics research. Part III summarizes the primary challenges of proving causation in toxic tort cases and how courts address these challenges by modifying the existing causation framework. Part IV discusses how epigenetics can inform the causation inquiry in […]

Alberta Law Review – special Tort number

Alberta Law Review  Vol 53, No 4: Special Issue: Tort Law “This special torts issue of the Alberta Law Review is in honour of Professor Lewis Klar. It is a recognition and a celebration of the far-reaching and lasting contribution which he has made to tort law scholarship over the last 40 years …” (more) […]

Harper and Strumpf, ‘Do Seat Belt Laws Still Work? Replication and Re-Evaluation of Recent Evidence’

Abstract: Recent work suggests that mandatory seatbelt laws are associated with lower motor vehicle accident mortality, but it is unclear whether this is due to increased enforcement. We study this association using 2001-2010 US data on traffic fatalities among individuals ages 10 and over and we test the robustness of unstated assumptions by replicating and […]

Xiaowei Yu, ‘Causal Uncertainty in Chinese Medical Malpractice Law – When Theories Meet Facts’

Abstract: Causal uncertainty is frequently encountered in medical malpractice cases, both in China and in other legal systems. Under the traditional ‘all-or-nothing’ approach of proof rules, the prevalence of causal uncertainty makes proof of causation highly problematic in medical malpractice lawsuits. The cutting-edge development at the national level is to apply proportional liability in response […]

Recently Published: Gemma Turton, Evidential Uncertainty in Causation in Negligence

This book undertakes an analysis of academic and judicial responses to the problem of evidential uncertainty in causation in negligence. It seeks to bring clarity to what has become a notoriously complex area by adopting a clear approach to the function of the doctrine of causation within a corrective justice-based account of negligence liability. It […]

Karena Hester, ‘Nanotort Liability at Common Law’

Abstract: This chapter explores the possibility of NT-induced injuries leading to toxic tort liability at common law. It outlines the manner in which the Courts have historically dealt with claims for occupational personal injuries in cases involving limited scientific knowledge and scientific uncertainty. Departing from the decision of the House of Lords in McGhee v […]

Chicago-Kent Law Review Special Number: ‘Causation, Liability and Apportionment: Comparative Interdisciplinary Perspectives’

Chicago-Kent Law Review Volume 91, Issue 2 (2016) ‘Causation, Liability and Apportionment: Comparative Interdisciplinary Perspectives’. Symposium Editors: Richard W Wright, Florence G’sell, and Samuel Ferey. Introduction Richard W Wright, Florence G’sell, and Samuel Ferey Opening Remarks Bertrand Louvel Causation: Linguistic, Philosophical, Legal and Economic Richard W Wright and Ingeborg Puppe Causation, Counterfactuals and Probabilities in […]

Wright and Puppe, ‘Causation: Linguistic, Philosophical, Legal and Economic’

Abstract: Causation plays an essential role in attributions of legal responsibility. However, considerable confusion has been generated in philosophy, law and economics by the use of causal language to refer not merely to causation in its basic (actual/factual/natural) sense, which refers to the operation of the laws of nature, but also to the quite different […]

Wright, G’sell and Ferey, ‘Introduction to Causation, Liability and Apportionment: Comparative Interdisciplinary Perspectives’

Abstract: This Introduction summarizes the discussions of causation, liability and apportionment from philosophical, legal and economic perspectives by leading authors from various common and civil law jurisdictions. The papers, which are being published in English in the Chicago-Kent Law Review and in French by Bruylant, are based on presentations at an international conference in September […]