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Call for Papers: ‘The Future of the Commercial Contract in Scholarship and Law Reform’: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, 16 October 2020

The 2020 conference explores topics in commercial contract law with a focus on sustainability, not only to combat climate change by contracts to promote the use of green energies but by supporting an ethical approach to supply chains. Commercial contract topics may also cover the impact of contemporary and post-Brexit international trade law on trade […]

Webinar: ‘Consumer Rights, Scams and Coronavirus’: Christine Riefa, Brunel University, 2 April 2020 11am

At difficult times, countries pull together. Or so you would think. This webinar explores the darker side of our national emergency. It explores how scammers and unscrupulous retailers are exploiting the crisis. Boxes of eggs at £9.99 in the corner shop, pasta on Amazon for £25 a packet, fake vaccines sold on the doorstep … […]

Call for Papers: Intermediaries in Commercial Law: UCL Faculty of Laws, 10-11 June 2021

Intermediaries play an important role in many aspects of commercial law. Yet there has been little focussed attention upon intermediaries as a crucial category of actors. The aim of this conference is to consider current issues concerning intermediaries from a number of different angles, adopting a range of methodological approaches. The conference will consider the […]

‘ALPS Conference Cancelled’

“Dear ALPS Community, Undoubtedly all of you have been considering the impacts of COVID-19 on your own communities, both personal and professional. We want you to know we are also thinking about the impact of COVID-19 on our late May gathering in New Orleans for the annual conference …” (more) [Sally Brown Richardson, PropertyProf Blog, […]

CANCELLATION: ‘Spring Law Days’: Law Faculty of Plovdiv University, Bulgaria, 27-28 March 2020

“Unfortunately, due to the health prevention measures we have to cancel the conference that is going to take place on 27 and 28 March 2020 at the University Rectorate. All other terms remain unchanged as we plan to publish collected work …” (more)

‘Lease or licence? Recent English Cases on the Distinction and its Significance’: Online Seminar, CUHK, Michael Lower, 18 March 2020

The distinction between a lease and a licence matters because the lease is proprietary and the landlord-tenant relationship is governed not only by contract law but also by the law of landlord and tenant. This seminar explains and evaluates two recent English cases about the distinction between the lease and the licence … (more)

Workshop on ‘Lying in the Philosophy of Law’: Centre for Law and Society, School of Law, Lancaster University, 9 June 2020

How should the law deal with lying? Sometimes the law imposes strict sanctions on liars, as in the case of perjury; in other cases, like bargaining over the price of a car, there are more limited remedies. This workshop will bring together legal scholars and philosophers with an academic interest in lying to see whether […]

Call for applications: IP Researchers Europe Conference, Geneva, 26-27 June 2020

We welcome submissions from established academics as well as from more junior researchers including professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers, academic fellows, post-doctoral fellows, and doctoral candidates enrolled in a PhD program or equivalent post-graduate degree. Applicants should be affiliated with an academic institution or scientific research centre, preferably on a full-time basis, at the […]

‘Law, Wealth and Inequality’: Seminars on ‘The role of law in creating and maintaining dynastic wealth’ and ‘Labour law and rising inequality and wealth concentration’: Edinburgh Law School

‘Law, Wealth and Inequality’ is an interdisciplinary research project based at Edinburgh Law School, which explores the relationship between ‘law’, ‘wealth’ and ‘inequality’, both from a comparative and a historical perspective. Wealth inequality is a global issue of increasing economic and social importance, with growing awareness that the gap between the wealthy and the poor […]

Call for Papers: Private Rights for Nature: Amsterdam Center for Transformative Private Law, 4-5 June 2020

The traditional civil codes distinguish between the law of persons and the law of things. This demarcation is however under pressure owing to the emerging transnational movement called rights of nature or earth jurisprudence. Around the world, natural entities that long would have been regarded as things – animals, but also rivers, for example, and […]