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LSE Private Law Forum 2018-19

Wednesday 21 November, 4pm Peter Turner (Cambridge), ‘Lex Sequitur Equitatem: Fusion and the Penalty Doctrine’ Thursday 13 December, 4pm Dan Priel (Osgoode Hall), ‘The Impossibility of Independent Corrective Justice’ Thursday 7 February, 12pm Prince Saprai (UCL), ‘Contract Law Without Foundations: Towards a Republican Theory of Contract Law’ Thursday 28 February, 1pm Aness Webster (Nottingham, Philosophy), […]

Call for Papers: Law Property and Society: ALPS 10th Annual Conference: Syracuse University New York, 16-18 May 2019

“The Association for Law, Property and Society (ALPS) is an organization for those engaged in scholarship on all aspects of property law and society. Its annual meeting brings together scholars from different disciplines and from around the world to discuss their work and to foster dialogue among those working in property law, policy, planning, social […]

‘Indeterminacy In The Duty Of Care Analysis’: Justice Russell Brown, Trinity College Dublin, 22 November 2018

The Honourable Russell Brown, Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, will deliver a keynote lecture on the topic of ‘Indeterminacy in the Duty of Care Analysis’ to launch the Palles Society for Private Law. Christopher Palles was an unrivalled master of the common law. He was Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland […]

Recreating Copyright Law – Redesigning Design Law – Rebranding Trademark Law – Reinventing Patent Law: ATRIP Conference, Nashville, 25-28 August 2019

“There have been, and continue to be, many efforts—perhaps too many—to reform IP law. Those efforts tend to go into two, somewhat opposite directions. One is to reform the laws that have been on the books for decades or more, though efforts to change fundamentals or historical aspects of copyright, trademark and patent law are […]

‘Oxford Law Special Lecture Series – The Common Law and Finance: Perspectives from the Bench’

“It is now twenty years since the publication of La Porta et al’s ‘Law and Finance’ paper in the Journal of Political Economy. Although the methodology used in early law and finance papers attracted various criticisms, the finding that levels of investor protection vary systematically by legal family and are strongest (at least for some […]

‘60 years BIICL, 50 years Brussels Regime, 60 years New York Convention’

“In 2018, not only the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) celebrates a round birthday, but also the two most important regimes for cross-border cooperation in civil and commercial litigation and arbitration – the Brussels Regime (1968), to which the United Kingdom acceded 40 years ago, and the New York Convention on the […]

‘Robin Morse Memorial Lecture’

“The Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s College London is holding an inaugural Memorial Lecture to honour the memory of Professor Robin Morse, who died last year. He was widely admired both within King’s (where he served as Dean of the School of Law) and beyond it for his scholarship and dedication to teaching, […]

Professor Patrick Atiyah, QC FBA, Workshop and Memorial, 10 November 2018

The University of Oxford Faculty of Law, in association with St John’s College, is hosting a Workshop and Memorial in honour of Professor Patrick Atiyah (1931-2018). Professor Atiyah was Professor of English Law at Oxford from 1977-1988 and was best known for his work on contract and tort. The Faculty and Professor Atiyah’s family welcome […]

‘Climate Change, Responsibility and Liability’: International Conference, Graz, Austria, 8-10 November 2018

“Conference Program: Thursday, November 8th, 2018: University of Graz, Aula – 9:00 Welcome: Dean, Faculty of Law. Climate change, impacts and attribution of anthropogenic causes: status and challenges Gottfried Kirchengast, Douglas Maraun, Andrea Steiner, University of Graz; Oslo Principles and Climate Principles for Enterprises Jaap Spier, University of Amsterdam; Attribution of moral and political responsibilities […]

Call for Papers: Law and Artificial Intelligence: Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 9-10 May 2019

Submissions are cordially invited for the conference ‘Law and Artificial Intelligence’, an international scholarly conference devoted to the problems posted by modern technology. Junior scholars are particularly encouraged to participate. The proposed themes or panels include: Civil and Criminal Liability of Artificial Intelligence: should new rules be introduced?; Emerging Persons/Entities: Can Artificial Intelligence have legal […]