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Call for contribution: ‘(Re)imagining intellectual property’, University of Exeter, 16-17 April 2018

Exeter Law School and the New IP Lawyers network are delighted to host their second conference in intellectual property law entitled ‘Intellectual property in transitions: (Re)-imagining intellectual property’ on the 16th and 17th of April 2018. The event aims to gather intellectual property specialists across the world to discuss the impact economic, technological, cultural and […]

Richard Lewis, ‘Humanity in Tort: Does Personality Affect Personal Injury Litigation?’, University College London, 8 February 2018, 6pm

This lecture examines whether the character of those involved in personal injury litigation affects the outcome of claims. For example, irrespective of the legal rules, does the personality or background of a claimant or defendant influence whether an action succeeds and how much damages are then paid? A rise in the number of claims is […]

HLS Private Law Workshop: Eric Claeys, Harms, Benefits, and Rights in Property and Private Law

“In the most recent HLS Private Law Workshop, Professor Eric Claeys presented a chapter of his forthcoming monograph, Natural Law, Natural Rights, and the Foundations of American Property Law. This monograph presents a natural law theory of American property law. The monograph argues that individuals have pre-political rights to use tangible resources in ways that […]

13th Annual International Conference on Contracts (KCon XIII) – Orlando, Florida, 23-24 February 2018 – Registration is now open

Barry University School of Law is pleased to host the International Conference on Contracts February 23-24, 2017. Registration and all of the conference details can be found here. The two-day conference is ‘designed to afford contracts scholars and teachers at all experience levels (including those preparing to enter the academy and those whose primary teaching […]

Call for Applications: ‘Privatizing Dispute Resolution and its Limits’: Third IAPL-MPI Luxembourg Summer-School, 1-4 July 2018

The 3rd edition of the Summer School has chosen to explore the topic of ‘Privatizing Dispute Resolution and its Limits’, where ‘privatizing’ is understood in a broad sense. Different avenues can be envisaged thereto related. The first one focuses on the defense of public interests by means of private litigation; a second comprises the mechanisms […]

Unity and Diversity in the Law of the International Sale of Goods: King’s College London, 16-17 April 2018

This conference explores the current state of the law of sale of goods by examining how sales contracts, particularly those used in international trade, are governed in the modern world. The central theme concerns two competing forces within the sale of goods law: those leading to disintegration, those pushing towards uniformity, consolidation and standardisation. The […]

Commercial Issues in Private International Law Conference, Sydney, 16 February 2018

As people, business, and information cross borders, so too do legal disputes. Globalisation means that courts need to invoke principles of private international law with increasing frequency. Thus, as the Law Society of New South Wales recognised in its 2017 report on the Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession, knowledge of private international […]

‘Judicial activism in a changing European legal order’ – Workshop ‘Judges in Utopia’, Amsterdam 28-29 September 2017

Theory and practice suggest that the European judiciary increasingly takes on a more active role when deciding on cases in which different norms conflict. The courts are increasingly called upon to balance different values and to reconcile conflicting interests, such as balancing public interests in private relationships, as in Urgenda (2015) and CJEU Aziz (2013). […]

Hamlyn Lectures 2017: Andrew Burrows, Thinking about Statutes: Interpretation, Interaction, Improvement: Oxford, Manchester, London, November 2017

LECTURE 1: ‘STATUTORY INTERPRETATION’: Despite its central importance, the study of statutes as a coherent whole has been and remains sadly neglected in UK law schools. These lectures address some of the central issues that arise if one thinks seriously and at a practical level about statutes. This first lecture on statutory interpretation examines four […]

Call for Papers: Good Faith in Contract, Université de Montréal, 11 May 2018

Conference: Good Faith in Contract, May 11, 2018, Montreal, Québec. The Common Law Group at the Université de Montréal will hold a conference dedicated to exploring the concept of ‘good faith’ in contract law. Using the Supreme Court of Canada’s in Bhasin v Hrynew, the conference seeks to bring together scholars from around the Commonwealth […]