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‘JOBS: PhD and Postdoc Scholarships, Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, Frankfurt am Main (DEADLINE 31 MAY 2019)’

“Every year we welcome numerous researchers and scholarship holders from all over the world who come to Frankfurt in order to get in touch with other researchers in a productive working atmosphere and to conduct research in our library with its many special collections …” (more) [ESCLH, 14 February]

Shivprasad Swaminathan, Review of Law in Theory and History: New Essays on a Neglected Dialogue (Del Mar and Lobban eds)

“… The volume is an important contribution to the topic, which has seen something of a resurgence lately and one from which both legal theorists and legal historians will greatly benefit. The essays in the volume emerge from a conference ‘Legal Theory and Legal History: A Neglected Dialogue?’ held at Queen Mary University of London […]

‘An International Workshop on the History of Commercial Law’

“On August 24th and 25th, 2018, the International Workshop on the History of Commercial Law was held at the Law Faculty of the University of Bergen (Norway), hosted by prof. Søren Koch of the Research Group for Legal Culture, Legal History and Comparative Law. Many experts in the field of commercial law and its history, […]

Just Published: Comparative Legal History (Research Handbooks in Comparative Law Series) (Moreteau, Masferrer and Modeer eds)

Is comparative legal history an emerging discipline or a much-needed dialogue between two academic subjects? This research handbook presents the field in a uniquely holistic way, and illustrates how comparative law and legal history are inextricably related. Cementing a solid theoretical grounding for the discipline, legal historians and comparatists place this subject at the forefront […]

‘Singing the Blues in Contract Law’

Antonia Eliason, Lillian McMurry and the Blues Contracts of Trumpet Records, 87 Mississippi Law Journal 279 (2018), available at SSRN. Professor Eliason’s Lillian McMurry and the Blues Contracts of Trumpet Records combines some of my favorite things – contract law, legal history, and Mississippi blues. Through the article, Eliason weaves a narrative of a compelling […]

Martin Dixon, ‘Taylors Fashions Ltd v Liverpool Victoria Trustees Co Ltd; Old and Campbell Ltd v Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society (1979): Stitching Together Modern Estoppel’

ABSTRACT Examines the seminal cases of Taylors Fashions v Liverpool Victoria Trustees and analysis the origin of the modern law of proprietary estoppel. Explains how the decision came to be a turning point in the modern law and analyses the criteria it established. Dixon, Martin John, Taylors Fashions Ltd v Liverpool Victoria Trustees Co Ltd; […]

‘Special issue: Merchants and commercial conflicts in European history’

“Continuity and Change has a special issue out on ‘Merchants and Commercial Conflicts in Europe, 1250-1600’, 32 (2017): special issue 1. Here is the line-up with abstracts: Alain Wijffels, ‘Introduction: Commercial quarrels – and how (not) to handle them’, 1-9: The settlement of structural commercial conflicts of interest cannot be exclusively subsumed under the heading […]

‘English Exceptionalism Revisited II – The Continental Strawman’

“In ‘English Exceptionalism Revisited’, published previously on this blog, I argued for the need to reexamine the convention that English law was different from Continental law. I suggested that claims for English exceptionalism are often based on privileging the history of common law over the history of other jurisdictions and legal systems that co-existed in […]

‘Savagery, civilization, and property VI: Conclusion’

“In the last post we looked at how stadial thought reached modern commons thought through the worlds of colonial development and conservationism. This post concludes the series. I have argued in this series of posts that various strands of modern commons theory, though based, as well, on novel theoretical and empirical work, seem to lean […]

‘Equity fetishism : an analysis and theory of civil justice in modernity’

ABSTRACT This thesis argues that the law of Equity is a means to complete justice for stakeholders of capitalism with a desire for and need to believe in the certainty and perfectibility of the symbolic of capitalist reason and logic. By applying a Marxist Freudian reading I claim that stakeholder desire for and insistence on […]